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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2016-04-08
Last Update: 2018-08-22 File Type: Textures
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Last Downloaded: 2022-08-18 Downloads: 2825


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Ever wanted to place just the rails on a concrete surface?
Well, with 414 pieces at your disposal, now you can.

*EDIT* Added 5 more configurations please re-download and replace.
*EDIT* Added 3 more configurations please re-
download and replace. (Aug 11 2016)
*EDIT* Added several more configurations please re-download and replace (Sep 14 2016)
*EDIT* Added several more pieces for diagonal support (March 14 2018)

This RRW compatible sleeper-less and ballast-less set is made to be used on concrete, asphalt, brick and stone surfaces.
I have covered almost every possible rail configuration. I left out some that would not be suitable to place on lots.

Included with this pack is a comprehensive jpeg collection of some of the possible configurations to get you started.
Remember that you can flip, mirror and rotate the tiles for even more possibilities. Your imagination is the limit.

If you have any questions or would like me to add even more configurations, please visit my thread at SCD4 to post your requests.

Dependencies?  Well none, because this is it

Simmer2 aka SM2

*Edit Aug 22 2018 Updated files with new folder structure. For the sake of an organized plugin I suggest you re-download this file and remove the old one. No other action is required in game as this update does not change the lot/s in any way*

Credit for new folder structure and helping me organize it all, goes to Tyberius06.


sejr99999 thank you for this important update to placing tracks on other than rural ground very useful! 2018-09-12
AsimPika3172 Awesome!!! 2018-03-16
Tyberius06 Thank you very much all these nice overlays! :) 2018-03-15
grimmin5380 i could use some help trying to find your pack in my list and cant really could use this for my industrial area 2017-12-17
Simmer2 @grimmin5380 If you are using X-Pim or LE you will find them in the overlay tab. 2017-09-08
grimmin5380 would love to use this but it wont show up in my list maybe some help 2017-08-17
CT14 Indispensible! Easy to use, especially when placing different tiles in multi-part textures. 2017-07-17
evarburg Wow, I'd missed that one. Super, Thanks again, SM2 ! 2016-09-24
MOREOPTIONS This is great. I am happy to see your quality work. I look forward to see more! Perhaps for the fastest passenger train in the world. maglift.... Thank you 2016-04-09
Themistokles Dramatic concept art :) Great textures, as always! 2016-04-08
girafe Thanks :) 2016-04-08