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Creator: vester Upload Date: 2007-02-12
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
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VDK Production brings you trams to your cities. You can now have more than one type of trams, but its all 1-unit trams.

This package includes mods for 16 different trams. 10 from the eastern Europe, 2 from Oslo, 2 from Amsterdam and 2 from the northern America. You will not see a long tail of trams, but only an engine. You can chooce to install as many or as few as you like. These trams work as EL-trains and will go onto your elevated rail/GLR network.

The GLR mod, which gives you the tram/lightrail tracks, is include in the Network Addon Mod also known as NAM. This can be downloaded for the section: Modds & Downloads on Simtropolis.com. You find an overview of all the GLR-Stations here.

Andreas Roth has done an installer to help you pick out the trams. If you have any techinal problem with the installer please do contact him. He will be glad to help out. Thank you Andreas, for all your help with the installer and adding the u-drive icons.

These mods will not work correctly, with any other mod for elevated rail / GLR trains (trams) installed.

If the trams shows up as green, red and blue, please install:
Vil's fix for VDK GLR Tram Mods.

Any question please post them at:
VDK Costumer Support.


nightshadow666 2014-06-20
LegoManilaShow 2013 please make that berlin orange tram to become 2 car? because i love 2 car trams! 2013-09-18
MrMAvE94 Thanks a lot, this is a nice addition to my cities! 2011-03-24
sejr99999 thank you 2010-12-05
olegario39 will this show as multiple cars if they run on elevated train tracks? 2009-09-18
jyj3010 Thanks!!:) 2009-08-12
vil If the textures dont work for you here is <a href=\"http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/19/793716/VDK%20GLR%20Tram%20Mod%20ATI%20fix.zip\">a fix.</a> 2009-02-12
vershner These mods don\'t seem to work with software rendering mode. The trams just show without any texture at all. 2009-01-14
BusRocker Perfect! A very functional and unique addition to the GLR. Calgary is my hometown, so its really spectacular to see the old LRT train on SC4. There are new colours out for our trainsets now, but I still like the classic clours the best. Also, our entire Light Rail Transit network is powered by wind generators. 2008-08-23
mattb325 Thanks vester, excellent indeed! 2008-01-18
Medyk87 2007-11-17
Tojglee (HUN) Tramj from Budapest and Miskolc? YEEEHAAAA!!!! I\'m always happy when i see hungarian things. 2007-08-22
couchpotato Thanks for these.. they look terrific. 2007-02-23
Silur This is a Package for all my cities - HiFi Quality !!!! Thank for your great jobs VDK - I like all your objects ... 2007-02-16