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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2016-09-19
Last Update: 2016-11-11 File Type: Plop
Views: 12054 Category: Transport - Water
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-08 Downloads: 953


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Version 1.5 (please read the attached readme file):

- minor changes on lots (the included readme contains a list about the changed files), therefore I included two new dependency file (they are in the upload)

- attached Cleanitol file

- corrected dependency (you need this upload: SAM 1 Override 1.1.1,. You only need the Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat from the HD Car Props version of that upload )

- with the update an updated readme. I also deleted the previously included "Images" folder, because the readme contains every picture.


As the PEG-CDK3 Master SeaPort Controller mod refers the PEG Seaports (which I also use in this upload) are not compatible with any other seaports or seaport mods including the BSC Seaports aswell. As Eggman121 pointed to me into the right direction in my development thread, you can only use each of the Seaports: the PEG-CDK3 Seaports with the Master Seaport Controller OR the BSC Seaports, but you can NOT use these together at the same time.

This project was initially made for my personal use to get a better (for me more satisfying) design in my cities, which idea was inspirated by Simmer2's RRW NSB overlay texture set. I like the PEG-CDK3-SP system, and I've been using them since I found them on SimPEG a few years ago. But I don't like the base texture what it uses, and there are some configuration what was also problematic (I really don't like those rail-crossings on the inner corner LOTs, at least not in every situation), so I decided to change them. But if I change one or two LOTs, I have to change all of them, or the most used ones for the uniformity. 

This upload contains retextured and relotted items from three different creators/teams who made the original sets and additions for the original set and contains a lot of new additional lots made by Me. 

Altogether with my creations this project contains 130 Lots. Apart from the three PEG-CDK3-SP Seaport Lots (Container Seaport, Pier One Seaport, Break-Bulk Seaport) these are not overrides, this is kind of a new set based on the original lots. However the three mentioned Seaport Lots override the original PEG Seaports, or replace them.  

Please read the attached documentation about the contents, installation, detailed dependency list.

Credits & Special Thanks

Thank you for:

-  Simmer2 for his amazing RRW NSB Overlay texture set as that was the main inspiration of this project. And of course for his nice barrier props and other RRW overlays what he made.

-  Pegasus and the PEGPROD team for their work on the original Seaport set, on the models and props.

-  MBG204/rsc204 for the very nice RRW rail tunnel model.

-  Tamorr for his prop families and his original ideas about SET Endings, canal transitions.

-  NBVC for making the original Modular Container Port set.

-  FrankU for his nice prop families.

-  Kingofsimcityfor his work on SuperSHK parking textures.

-  CAL and Simgoober for their work on canals

-  Girafe and the VIP team for their car props.

-  Jesstarrand the BSC team for the amazing industrial related props among them trucks and railcars.

- And me, Heretic/Tyberius for the LOT Modifications and the new additional seaport Lots.

Thanks for the support, oppinions, suggestions, criticism for everybody

Enjoy and have fun!:)

- Tyberius


Tyberius06 @godfreygodfrey: Yepp. The whole set and its expansion is remake/reskin of the PEG-CDK3/PEG-CDK3-SP creations, therefore only those 3 seaports are functional what was functional in the original PEG sets. However I have plans in the future, to make an other set which would be compatible with the BSC seaports and it would mean probably more funtianal seaports, but these are uncharted territories for me atm... 2019-04-27
godfreygodfrey Only three of the seaport are functional? 2019-04-05
Silur Only Lots with many PROPS ... 2016-11-24
Tyberius06 @EvansRE4: appart from the 3 PEG-CDK3-SP Seaports (Container, Break-Bulk, Pier One), the lots aren't actual functional seaports, most of them neutral waterfront item, or waterfront item with I-M jobs and there are two freight rail station, so the actual seaports will function anyway. After a registration process you can have the PPond lock from CBEX. 2016-11-11
EvansRE4 I have all dependencies but the ppond lock. will the seaport still function? 2016-10-28
twalsh102 Not sure what the issue is with having to register over at the City-Builders website in order to download. It's really no different than having to sign up for any other site (such as this one) that requires registration in order to download. I don't recall any hiccups when I registered over there. You follow the registration process and approval comes back within a day or so. Although It says "requires approval of site admin", all that's saying is that the site admin is going to approve your membership (or not), again just like any other website that requires registration. That doesn't make it any less public. 2016-09-25
MGB204 @nekomaster - Dependencies are what they are. If you want a set of 130 lots that massively improve upon the originals, there really is no other way of doing it, than to use dependencies. Similarly, the creator has no control over what files exist and where they exist. So that means you'll either need to register at CBEX to download it, or choose not to use the lots which require it. 2016-09-25
Tyberius06 I apologies for the dupe. :(<br /> @simlacroix: That is the old version, It's still compatible if you are using the whole old CSK2 set and not mixing with the new PPond style, but the old lock is one tile longer than the PPond Locks so it looks so close to the lift bridge, visually it quite doesn't look good. :( 2016-09-25
Tyberius06 @nekomaster: Yes, you're right, I know about this problem. Somehow when SIMPEG went down and the files were moving to the STEX, this one (among them a few others) was left out. I opened a topic about this problem on Simtropolis , and I asked anybody who has the right to upload that file onto the STEX, but nothing so far.<br /> IF/WHEN the file is arriving to a more public site, I will update the dependency list. 2016-09-25
simlacroix Are you talking about this one? 2016-09-22
nekomaster OK So I tried getting all the Dependencies but PEG PPOND Locks goes to City Builders website and you need approval to register for the website. Something needs to be done about that for people who don't have an account there to download PEG PPOND Locks 2016-09-21
nekomaster Damn, it looks so good but theres so many dependencies... I wish there was an easier way to get all those dep's. 2016-09-21
sejr99999 thank you maybe some year I will have time to put this to good use excellent work 2016-09-20
simlacroix I'll give it a try, the reason why I never got into other seaports is they use at least 60 dependencies so is difficult to find them plus by the end you overcharge the game, I'd rather not have a lot of plugins but I'll try yours, it really looks nice and simcity ports are plain ugly. I hope they work fine. :) 2016-09-20