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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2016-10-02
Last Update: 2018-08-22 File Type: Plop
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Ever since I started downloading new content I always wondered if there was a complete set of pipes to use when designing a realistic city map and always fell short on finding one, well no more, because this is, as far as I now, the most complete set of surface pipes in SC4 ever.

With a total of 36 HD pieces, this set, was made to satisfy even the most demanding of players. Bridges over rails, roads, streets, avenues, highways, ravines and even rivers as wide as 6 tiles. Curves, diagonals, pump houses, in ground, valves and  elevation transitions, making this the perfect set for all your projects.

All bridges are overhanging therefore you can have any network you wish, run under them with no issues at all. I call them SM2 Aqueduct (Water pipes) they are 2 meters in diameter with no markings, therefore you can use them for whatever industry you like, natural gas, water, oil etc. making them very flexible.

All 36 pieces were carefully made to match, they are also super MMP friendly and have no base textures. Only one piece will show the dreaded water bug and that is the one with a single rail overlay piece. Just click on the zone button on and off and it will go away. The rest of the pieces are "water bug free" :)

Only one piece will require electricity, the rail piece. The rest are neutral lots with a slight park effect. I also made an MML lot however as you already know MML's have that annoying issue of having to pluck lots off the lineup every time you plop it thus making multiple plops a tedious affair. You will have the choice to use it or not. Alternatively you could make a DAMN menu and resolve the issue once and for all.

No cost to plop, bulldoze or maintain, easy on the wallet, easy on the eye. You will find all lots in the park menu and the MML, if you wish to use it, will be in the landmark menu.

You will find the MML file in another zip folder inside this download, if you are going to use it, please extract the file and place it in your plugin's root.


Make sure you flatten the pipe path for perfect connections. The river/land spans lots are based on the 15 meter rule (height) that means that if you start at sea level you can go up to any elevation but in 15 meters increments. The land bridges work best on flat surface. The river pylons can be placed on water deeper than 15 meters but no less than.

So if you place a river or land span your must plop the bridge on a 15 meter elevation in order to have a seamless pylon to bridge connection.

The possible combinations you can achieve are enormous, your imagination is your limit!

Please refer to the included pics for more details. For even more pics, please browse my thread at this link



PS. the rail piece is also compatible with vanilla Maxis rails.

*Edit Aug 22 2018 Updated files with new folder structure. For the sake of an organized plugin I suggest you re-download this file and remove the old one. No other action is required in game as this update does not change the lot/s in any way*

Credit for new folder structure and helping me organize it all, goes to Tyberius06.


Simmer2 @vinlabsc3k There is a 15m transition piece in mix. However if it is a specific piece you are looking for, please drop a note with a better explanation on my thread here 2016-10-26
vinlabsc3k [b]It's a great addition to an industrial zone or a water facility, but the only thing missed is an elevated counterpart to span a gorge or a 15m riverbank directly.[/b] 2016-10-25
vinlabsc3k [b]It's a great addition to an industrial zone or a water facility, but the only thing missed is an elevated counterpart to span a gorge or a 15m riverbank directly.[/b] 2016-10-25
kabel7o Why not put this in the water menu? That would make more sense 2016-10-20
nirasa Super! Thank's 2016-10-18
Dreadnought Stupendous !!!<br /> You need to turn your talents to the coal industry or grain storage and transport !! You could do wonders !! 2016-10-05
eggman121 You are a Legend Simmer2. Can't wait to use these pipes in my region :D 2016-10-03
Fasan1010 A really, really good job. Will add of course right in my region of Krokanien this pipe. 2016-10-03
evarburg Oh, man, you're on a roll ! AND it's compatible with vanilla rail. Oh, man !:-))) 2016-10-02
JackWilds awesome good and fun... well done... 5/5... 2016-10-02