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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2016-11-11
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Here is a few more addition to the SeaPort Project, altogether it contains 19 new additional lots (6 of them are totally new). With this expansion pack you get the old PEG-CDK3 Docks and some of the other CDK3 related Lots (Acme Algea Farm, Captains Jack’s Landing, Blackies Boat Yard, Fred Ginger Fishery, Vandy Shipping Company and the two Garbage Disposal Docks) and I made two transition pieces between the PEG-CDK3 and PEG-CDK3-SP sets. After the SG-CAL canal transition pieces, I made transition pieces between game water and the original old fashined SimGoober canals, and combinated the bigger industrial rail yard type lots with warehouses and canal pieces as well.

The contents:

  • -           cleanitol for removing the old pieces of the CDK3 set.
  • -          the PEG-CDK3 Docks set and related lots
  • -          two new transition pieces between the CDK3 and CDK3-SP docks
  • -     add SimGoober Canal Lock Transition (almost the same as the SG-CAL Canal Lock Transition)
  • -          add three more warehouse-seaport-rail yard lots (2 for SG-CAL Canal, 1 for SimGoober Canal)
Most of them the same as the Heretic SeaPort Project, so you need almost everthing from that list, but please check the attached readme file. The tracker contains a few more additional dependencies.
Any opinion, suggestion would be welcome. Let me know if something is wrong etc here or in my development thread.
Have fun! :) 


sejr99999 thank you for all the work you nput into this project it looks amazing and I will someday enjoy putting all the packs together to create a similar scene 2017-04-01