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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2016-11-22
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
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It's time to share some slope walls. I always missed a more natural kind of set from slope walls, which can fit along with elevated rail lines (on slope of course) and a lot of other situation as well. They can be used as little park elements or park walks too.

The set contains actually 2 kind of sets and altogether 17 lots.

Set 01 - natural (terrain texture based) grass ground on slope with trees, bushes etc.

2 Outer Corner/End pieces

1 Inner Corner

1 One tile section with trees

1 Three tiles section with trees

Set 02 - natural (terrain texture based) grass ground on slope with paths, trees, bushes etc

2 Outer Corners with paths

2 End Pieces (one of them can be use as an other side of the path bridges) with path

1 Inner Corner with path

1 One tile section with path

1 Three tiles section with paths

1 TEE section with paths

1 Cross section with paths

1 Three tiles overhanging pedestrian bridge (wmp bridge) with path

1 Four tiles overhanging pedestrian bridge (Troll Bridge) with path

1 Bridge other side section with path


The uploaded *.zip file contains two folders: a Documentation folder with this readme and some pictures, and a so called Heretic Projects folder. The Heretic Projects folder also contains a Slope Side Walls folder.

Place the Heretic Projects folder into your Plug-in folder.


Demolish the unwanted lots in your city and than delete the unwanted files from you plug-in folder.

Any question, notice, advice, critique are welcome and needed, so feel free...

Enjoy and have fun!

- Tyberius


Tyberius06 @Pexus: Thanks for the heads up. I updated the Dependency Tracker, now the links should point to the right direction. 2021-12-17
Pexus I'd really like to download this and use it, but some of the links for the external dependencies seem dead. Is there any way to get these dependencies? 2021-12-16
tomvsotis These look great! 2016-11-25
sejr99999 thank you great to have some new walls and stairways looking good 2016-11-24
Silur It's very interesting. I will try it. Thank you. 2016-11-23