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Creator: fantozzi Upload Date: 2017-03-19
Last Update: 2017-08-22 File Type: Gameplay
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Fantozzi's Audio Essentials is a dependency that contains 50 (now 88!) handcrafted, game adequate and broadly usable custom query sounds.

Dear lotters,

for your convenience query IDs are listed in the included pdf-file.Please use Ilives Readers listening function to check out the sounds.

Dear players,

you need lot files first that call the query sounds - otherwise this file won't do anything for you.

Important:legal disclaimer

This game content was created (partially) with third party content, amongst this also commercial samples which I legaly purchased and am allowed to use in my creative work. Therefore you aren't allowed to extract and resample/reuse parts of the audio material itself encoded in the dat-file. This may infringe the copyrights of third persons/companies (see credits section in the readme). This means: you are allowed to use the contained audio data only in conjunction with the game it was designed for. This disclaimer you find also in the documentation included in the zip-file.

04/01/2017: Update to Version 1.1:

Added 29 (!) new sounds - so in total there are now 79 on board (covering more themes like residentials and public mass transit etc. - please, again, refer to the included readme). Replaced 2 sounds with very similar but better versions.

05/03/2017: Update to Version 1.2:

Fixed conversion errors causing some sounds not to be played in game. Please remove all older versions. Sorry for this.

08/22/2017: Update to Version 1.3: Added 9 new sounds dedicated to chemical industry and boiling (gascooking) traffic and others. Again fixed few errors, adjusted some sample rates (playing speed).


CT14 What a great idea! Thanks for bringing it to fruition. 2017-07-31
Von F. Interesting, I'll give it a spin 2017-03-20
mzmatnet Well, this is basically its own category of dependency. I'm sure it will be much demanded once some lotters find it!<br /> 2017-03-19
sejr99999 thank you I am eager to check out these custom sounds and can't wait to use them 2017-03-19