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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2017-04-07
Last Update: Never File Type: Props
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SM2 Prop Pack Vol3.

129 new HD props necessary for upcoming new and exciting lots.

To be used either with xPIM or LE if you are planning on making your own lot creations.

Have fun.



KonstantinUh спасибо 2017-08-03
Baltimore Very nice stuff you have created there , you are very talented . Thank you for sharing . 5/5 2017-05-05
Simmer2 @fantozzi Multi angle expansion of certain props is going to be part on the next prop pack :) 2017-04-10
JackWilds a well done project... even the parts and pieces deserve mention... 5/5 2017-04-08
sejr99999 thank you excellent props and looking forward to their use 2017-04-08
Alan_Waters Great job! Thank you! We are looking forward to the locomotive depot. 2017-04-08
Von F. Woohaa, beautiful! Thanks 2017-04-08
fantozzi Thank you so much for this highly detailed work. You are a source of inspiration! Just looking on the picture I can see lotting idears. Many, many lotting idears.<br /> <br /> Maybe later you can add more angled variants for the trucks and some props, especially non-45-degree stuff is quite rare - also freight wagons that matches rail curves. 2017-04-08
Silur This is another great job! THANK YOU! 2017-04-08