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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2017-11-07
Last Update: 2018-08-21 File Type: Plop
Views: 10021 Category: Utilities - Power
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-14 Downloads: 1764


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SM2 Power Pack.

You will find 5 Power lots in this pack.

1) SM2 Power Transformer 1 - 2x2 lot - 1000 Output

2) SM2 Power Transformer 2 - 2x4 lot - 1500 output

3) SM2 Power Transformer 3 - 3x6 lot - 2500 output

4) SM2 Power Substation - 3x6 lot - no power output (eye candy, to be used with SM2 Wind Power Marine lots)

5) SM2 Substation Transfer Box - 1x1 overhanging lot used to simulate underground connection to Maxis power pylons.

I created custom icons for the 3 powered ones.

You will find them in your Utilities menu

Have fun.


*Edit Aug 21 2018 Updated files with new readme which reflects new dependency list (far less files to download) and folder structure. For the sake of an organized plugin I suggest you re-download this file and remove the old one. No other action is required in game as this update does not change the lot/s in any way*

Credit for new folder structure and helping me organize it all, goes to Tyberius06


metarvo I must have these substations. It's always useful to have a small substation here and there, and it's quite timely that they interface with wind power as wind power is big right now. Nice job! 2017-12-15
tigerbuilder Looking good...thanks 2017-11-17
sejr99999 thank you for adding more realism to the power stations beautiful models 2017-11-08
noahclem Awesome work! These will be really useful 2017-11-08