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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-03-28
Last Update: 2018-08-21 File Type: Plop
Views: 8518 Category: Utilities - Water
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-09 Downloads: 911


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SM2 Ciechanow Water Tower New and Old

This water tower actually still exists in Ciechanow, Poland. It was built in 1972 but it is in disuse now.

With its amazing hyperbole and toroid design it attracts many tourists to that town

Simple to use, just plop it and connect the water network to it.

Lot size 2x2. Needs power to run.

Produces 45,000m3 of water per month. You will find it in your water utilities menu.

Both the new and old towers are included. I will leave the choice to plop whichever one you like up to you.

Have fun!


*Edit Aug 21 2018 Updated files with new readme which reflects new dependency list (far less files to download) and folder structure. For the sake of an organized plugin I suggest you re-download this file and remove the old one. No other action is required in game as this update does not change the lot/s in any way*

Credit for new folder structure and helping me organize it all, goes to Tyberius06


Sapador Castelo It looks like a nuclear mushroom cloud. Nice for modern cities. 2018-11-30
sejr99999 thank you your modelling skills are exceptional an excellent structure to add to inventory of SC4 buildings also very much appreciate that you have included both old and new versions of this beautiful structure 2018-03-30