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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-01-14
Last Update: 2008-04-16 File Type: Textures
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Jeronij Sidewalks Mod
Description This mod replaces the original Maxis sidewalks with alternative ones. This mod does not require the Street side mod to work. There are several versions included in the zip file. Read the readme file for information about installation and the versions included.
Details and Informartion This mod changes the sidewalks textures in your game. A previous version was included in my Street Side Mod. This one can be used instead.
Compatibility This mod is compatible with SC4 with Rush Hour expansion pack.
Installation Simply unzip the included folder to your plugins folder. Make sure you do no copy the htm or the jpg files. Also make sure you have only one sidewalk mod installed at a time !!!.
Dependencies If you experience any missing texture, download BSC Textures Vol03 ���
Credits Thanks to the whole SC4 community for keeping this great game alive!!!
Feedback and Support
User Agreement By installing this mod, you do agree to not redistribute it. If your creation needs this mod, please include a link to SC4Devotion where you downloaded it.
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This package contains pieces for use with Sim City 4 or Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition. Any other use is at your own risk. This is a free custom creation by jeronij

File updated 04/2008: Changed & added Dependency links


sambert Is there any way possible to uninstal this mod? 2012-05-25
tarmiji thanks 2012-01-10
FATSN you are my god! 2011-12-22
chinafans 2010-10-23
Jayster It\'s not working for me. I have BSC Textures VOL3 and I selected the File that had the medium wealth replace the high wealth sidewalks but I\'m still getting Maxis sidewalks throughout the game, and I have re-drawn a ton of roads but nothing... Thanks for any help if people still go here. 2010-08-07
pratomo-666 awesome mod! 2010-07-05
corey nice 2009-08-10
KEVINDEMERDE very good 2009-03-25
Luziadus very nice... now can you make a Portuguese paviment or sidewalk?? the portuguese ones are this ones: http://images.google.pt/images?hl=pt-PT&q=cal%C3%A7ada%20portuguesa&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi thanks 2008-12-14
Benjo1 does this change the texture under elrail? 2008-05-02
hogs29 One of the best \"eye candy\" mods for the game!!! 2008-03-05
patfirefghtr ty!!! 2008-02-02
Artman94 Wow this is awesome! I like it! <(^_^)b 2007-07-10
ms_arbez Is there a possible way to make all the side streets have the gray paver look? I\'m not too keen on the red, and I would like to find a way to make the sidewalks a little more uniform. Other than that, it\'s fantastic! 2007-03-13
cabrabuitre Very nice Jeronij! Completely changes the look of cities! 2007-02-11
dioangel nice! :-) 2007-02-04