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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2018-07-23
Last Update: 2018-09-13 File Type: Props
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    Let me introduce you to my dependency essential package which contains almost 900 timed props altogether in 96 "new" timed props families from creators like Girafe (cars), AndisArt (also cars), Motokloss (buses), Namspopof and Delecto (people), Blanco_05 (HD buses and railcars, rail engines), Orange_o and R6 (vehicles), Simmer2 (in this release only a few of his hard working people props show up, but stayed tuned for more), SimCityFreak666 (railcar props) and there are additional single timed props too. Also I merged into this package some of my previous already released prop famillies, so clreanitol file is included too and the end of the list of dependencies you will find the name of files, what you should remove in order to avoid any conflicts. 
    This is Heretic Essentials v1.1 (first update). In order to use this update (and avoid possible conflicts) you must remove/delete any previous versions of the Heretic Essentials (which is v1.0); by default you MUST remove the Dependency Essential subfolder from the Plugins\Heretic Projects\ location. If you used a different folder structure from what I provided, please, only remove the Dependency Essential subfolder. 

    This is a DEPENDENCY PACKAGE to my releases in the future (and in some cases to the past), there is NOT any plopable or growable item in this release, however Lotters may find it useful, since I gathered together many very useful and quite common props and turned them into timed prop then organized them into prop families. 

    You will find a detailed spreadsheet about the contents of the essential and the used Prop Family IIDs. 

    Be aware of that this is a dependency package with additional dependencies, in order to use this (or a part of it) you need to download the below listed dependencies. 

    Additional information for LOTTERs or LOT Makers : During my latest work on lots I discovered a couple of wierd behaviour with our beloved tools. Both the PIM-X (X-PIM) and the Lot Editor (LE) don't really like the long file paths. I would recommend you to place the *.dat files which you wish to use into a simple folder in your plugin folder OR make a single DAT file with the DATPacker tool from the Essentials or a part of it. Bear in mind that from v1.1 all the prop family names are being stored in the Heretic Mixed Essential Resources.dat which can be located in the Mixed Essentials subfolder. Also somehow LE doesn't seem to be able to handle the props in multiple "named" prop families and messing up the whole prop family list. The PIM-X doesn't have this wierd limitation, so I would advise you to use the PIM-X for placing props onto LOTs instead of the Lot Editor. However if you wish to use this Essentials with LE anyway, I would recommend you to remove the Heretic Mixed Essential Resources.dat file WHILE you are making lots, but definitely you MUST place it back if you run the game with any of my LOTs (Heretic Project lots) . 

    Installation: remove/delete any previous versions of the Heretic Essentials. Copy the "Heretic Projects" folder from the zip (or unzip it) into your plugin folder. Highly recomended to keep the provided folder structure, because all of my uploads have the same format, and since sometimes I'm working with inclouded dependencies (such as textures or descriptor datas) it's better if these "inclouded dependencies" are in the same place. If you unzipped the upload, you may delete or remove the "Documentation" folder from your Plugin Folder. 
    To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this plugin in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins. 

    If you find any problem/issue or you have any further question about the Essential, please, visit my development thread on Simcity4 Devotion.
    * Custom Textures - From v1.1 the Heretic Texture Essential 01.dat is added. It contains some custom made base and overlay textures, which are used for my GLR and Rail station LOTting projects. The previously available SM2_Tyberius_Ovsx4_tex.dat has been merged into this, therefore I removed the old file
    * Mixed Essentials - From v1.1 the Heretic Mixed Essential Resources.dat is added. It contains among other things all of my present and future prop family names (cohort files) also some secret ingredients and custom network sc4Path files.
    * Modified Model Examplars - In some cases I had to modify some of the models - modifying the s3d files of the original models - to make some of the propfamilies work. 
    Disclamer: in all cases in the original first release (v1.0), I modified the INSTANCE IDs of the new s3d files of increasing the fifth digit by 1 - so f.e. a 0x00030100 instance value was changed to 0x00031100. If anybody made similiar custom modifications on these files that may cause conflicts. 
    However in the fist update (v1.1) with the heretic-wmp various stations models s3d-v2.dat files I changed the 5th digit to 6, which means f.e. a 0x00030100 instance value was changed to 0x00036100.
    * Regular Prop Families - In v1.0 these were already released with some of my previous releases, but they got a little face-lift to make it easier to use these families for lotters 
    In v1.1 6 new prop families were added. Three prop familes are containing Building props from Ill Tonkso's eight office buildings, you will find the necessary dependencies in the dependencies section.
    * Timed Prop Families - Altogether 96 Timed Prop Families contain about 900 timed props - cars, buses, railcars, people props
    * Timed Props Individual Collection - These are not organized into families, single timed props - railcars, cars, working people, various mixed vehicles

      Have fun and enjoy!

      - Tyberius

Thanks everybody for the help and support! 
Nick (Simmer2) - timing lessons, support, textures (some of my base and overlay textures are based on his awesome texture creations) 
Robin (MGB204/rsc204) - GLR Path files (RHD and LHD), texture overlays 
Erik (vortext)- Model Tweaker 
Fantozzi and nos.17 - the original source of my cobblestone base textures.
Brian (b22rian) - constant support :) 
and of course all the great creators of the models what I used for this project


nos.17 Something like this is exactly what I wanted but lacked the motivation to create. 2018-10-21
nizosr2018 Thank you, always nice to have some extra timed props and textures 2018-07-27
Simmer2 Finally!! Well done Tibi! 2018-07-23