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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-09-10
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SM2 Modular Solar Power Plant.

Solar power, clean green power and most importantly, renewable!

As the name implies, you can build any size plant you wish, from a single 1x1 lot to 1000's of them..

It comes with a 2x2 step up transformer in order to feed the power grid and also a pair of container sized DC to AC inverters which can be plopped every few rows to give it a realistic feel.

The inverters and the step up transformers also act as power generators, each one respectively outputs 200 units
for the inverters and 300 units from the transformers. You can use them separately if you'd like to do so.

The photovoltaic panels rotate on its X axis at intervals during the day for a total of 5 moves thus giving the assemblies a somewhat "animated" feel to them for even more realism.

Best placed on flat surfaces.

Photovoltaic panels lot : 100 units of power

Step up transformer : 300 units of power

Inverters lot : 200 units of power.

I set plop cost and maintenance of the panels lot close to zero, so plop away!

Don't forget that you can also set power output from 0 to their max output for all the lots by using the power slider.

Have fun and post pics of your setup.



Seaman That's so cool! Awesome work. 2018-09-11
fantozzi Energy for the next 5 billion years. Thank you so much. Some contemporary realism. 2018-09-11
noahclem Awesome work! Really cool detail to have the orientation change over the course of the day :) 2018-09-11