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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-09-15
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 3885 Category: Transport - Rail
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SM2 Abandoned Rail Yard

This is one massive lot so plan ahead regarding placement.

These gigantic facilities were pretty common around developed nations and were used to keep the nation's train fleets repaired and operational.

This one is an approximate replica based on an old train yard that I saw online. The remnants of a bygone era when trains was the way to travel across nations and now abandoned to the elements.

You can see tracks covered with dirt and vegetation dotting the lot due to the years of neglect.

Sometimes small companies take residence on these abandoned properties and use sections of it for their own purpose. You can also see salvage crews stripping the metal in some other areas.

The train master's house is also abandoned. just sitting in a corner while trees overgrow and cover the once beautiful lodge.

Lot size 22X14

Plop cost 45000

Bulldoze cost 15000

Monthly property taxes 85

Power required 28

Water required 12

Provides 45 IM jobs

Custom base texture included

All streets and rail stubs will connect to their respective networks, visually only.

You will find it under the railway menu.




Sapador Castelo What an amazing job! 2018-12-01
Huggy-Bear I absolutely love the look of this. I'm just starting a new map so I have plenty of room for it, lol. All of your work is superb btw. 2018-09-16
omgitskosc Something about the aesthetic of rust and decay in SC4 always catches my eye and your works are no exception. Thank you! 2018-09-16
sejr99999 thank you for a realistic and visually interesting lot making excellent use of high quality props 2018-09-16
Tyberius06 Beautiful lot and models! Old, rusty, abandoned... and that base texture work! Thanks for making and sharing this Lot! 2018-09-16
tomvsotis damn, you are smashing out the content of late! this is beautiful, as always :) 2018-09-16