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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-09-21
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SM2 Yorkdale GLR station

This is a small GLR station, perfect for those tight places.

It also acts as a parking lot and a bus station.

Lot size 3X2

Plop cost 1500

Capacity 25000



Rapha31 Thank you! 2019-01-18
Simmer2 Hi Noa. Those buildings are Matt's. Just look at his lot list to find them. 2018-10-03
noahclem Looks perfect man, so glad to have this guy--it'll likely form a substantial chunk of my glr system :D P.S. What are those apartment buildings on the left side of the expandable picture? The seem to go with the station and the area really well :) 2018-09-30
sejr99999 thank you great multi mode station and love the transparent roof 2018-09-23
tigerbuilder Very nice! Thanks 2018-09-22
Tyberius06 Really nice addition! Thanks for sharing it! 2018-09-22