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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-09-26
Last Update: 2019-03-15 File Type: Plop
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SM2 Billboards Pack Vol1

12 different large billboards all nitelited and ready to spice up your cities.

This pack consists of 3 pairs of lots each one with its own easy to follow icon.

Each lot will drop 1 of 6 possible billboards. For a total of 12 different props

Vol1 Amazon - Apple - Audi - BMW - Cocacola - Ford

Vol2 Google - Jackpot - Pepsi - Samsung - Skittle - Volvo

SM2 BB Vol1 and Vol2 -- no base texture, perfect for rural areas and MMP usage

SM2 BB SBC Vol1 and Vol2 (Sound Barrier Compatible) also no base texture. dress it with MMP if you wish

SM2 BB WB Vol1 and Vol2 (With Base) Perfect for inner city areas where a parking lot blends in.

They all required power but no water.

Plop Cost 10

Bulldoze cost 0

Maintenance cost 0

All of them will give 250 CAP relief on all 3 residential wealth's.

Also a bit of mayor and landmark effect.

You will find them in the park menu.

Keep plopping until you get the desired billboard!

NO dependencies!

Have fun


PS for more example pics go here

For the set that is Sound Barrier Compatible you will need my

March 15 2019

Updated file to be inline with new prop pack.


pacotaco2000 Very Nice. 2021-12-07
Nameer908 Very amazing!!!! Was looking for this everywhere 2021-11-07
Simmer2 @nathkel Unfortunately when you create a lot with a single item that its in a family it does not show on preview. Note the plop arrow and after plopping a few you will get used to the orientation. 2018-10-30
nathkel Great set. The only downside is that the billboard tracts don't show the fences or parking spaces, so you never know which way it's facing. 2018-10-30
noahclem Cool set man!! Extra details to improve main roadways are always a plus--and help remind me to be thorough about getting the look of such areas nice! 2018-09-30
sejr99999 thank you for making these for more up to date realism along my roadways 2018-09-26