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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-10-07
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SM2 Desalination Plant.

There are 2 main Desalination plant designs, one works by evaporation and the other by osmosis. Both method use alot of

energy to achieve clean drinking water but they have come a long way in cost of production reduction.

More of them are popping up around the globe especially in countries where fresh water is a precious commodity but have

abundance of seawater.

Lot size 4x4 plus 1 (the overhang seawall)

Plop cost 45000

Bulldoze cost 4500

Water produced 45000 liters per month

Monthly maintenance 50

Power consumed 90

SM2 Water Holding Tank X1 is also included with this set. Plop them around the desalination plant for added visual

effect. Connect them to your water grid.

Lot size 1x1

Plop cost 200

Bulldoze cost 20

Water capacity 3500

Power consumed 1

Water leaks...2

You will find them under the utilities menu.


March 15 2019

Updated file to be inline with new prop pack.
June15 2019
Squashed a bug...please re-download and replace.


Sapador Castelo These oxidized iron handrails on top of the moldy concrete wall are amazing. 2018-12-01
omelett That would be great! Thank you Simmer2 :) 2018-10-09
Simmer2 omelett. I may embark in a seawall adventure soon... 2018-10-09
Simmer2 omelett. I may embark in a seawall adventure soon... 2018-10-09
XAVERIOS Great add-on to city I'm working on. Thanks. 2018-10-08
sejr99999 thank you nice add to SC4 for 21st century relevance also like how its more gritty rather than shiny sci fi types sometimes seen in SC4 2018-10-08
omelett This looks great as always from you! Thank you for making these available! I guess I`ve downloaded most, if not every, of your uploads. Any chance you will upload the seawalls separate? Looks great! 2018-10-08
Tyberius06 Wow, awesome project from you again. Really nice buildings, and lot, and I especially love the seawall what you made... :) Thanks for sharing it! 2018-10-07
AsimPika3172 Is time for ENJOY!!! YEAH! 2018-10-07