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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-10-09
Last Update: 2019-03-15 File Type: Growable
Views: 4111 Category: Industrial
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-10 Downloads: 997


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SM2 Rusty Industry Vol1

14 Grow Industrial lots from stage 2 to 3, 12 Dirty Industry and 2 Manufacturing

They will all grow in high density industry zoning.

ID$$3_1x1_SM2 Rusty S Oil Tank 8 jobs

ID$$3_1x1_SM2 Rusty Smoke Stack  9 jobs

ID$$3_2x1_SM2 Rusty Oil Tank S2 X2 Caged 20 jobs

ID$$3_2x1_SM2 Rusty Oil Tank S2 X2 16 jobs

ID$$3_2x1_SM2 Rusty S Oil Tank X2 15 jobs

ID$$3_2x1_SM2 Ammonia Storage Tanks 29 jobs

ID$$3_2x1_SM2 Brass Fittings Co  31 jobs

IM$$3_2x1_SM2 Flink's Fuels 40 jobs

ID$$3_2x2_SM2 Generic Rusty Oil Tank Full 2x2 75 jobs

ID$$3_2x2_SM2 Rusty LP Spherical Tank 79 jobs

ID$$2_2x2_SM2 Harry's Scrap Metals 23 jobs

ID$$2_2x3_SM2 Chem Co 47 jobs

ID$$2_2x3_SM2 Pipes R Us 6 jobs

IM$$3_3x3_SM2 Rusty Oil Tank L 207 jobs

Rust is beautiful!


Edit Oct. 10 2018

Changed the stages of 6 lots to be inline with no CAM plugins. These new lots will now grow in any plugin, CAM or non.

Thank you @Tyberius06 for point out the flaw.

Before you install the new ones you must open the city and bulldoze any instances of the old lots, save the game and then install the new folders.

Thank you for your patience on the matter.


March 15 2019

Updated file to be inline with new prop pack.


SimNation I like these they fit in nicely in my Industrial areas thanks. 2019-03-01
Sapador Castelo They're so real! 2018-12-01
macsigrid Jaja... ! Well done!! ty. 2018-10-10
Tyberius06 Beautiful work! Rusty enough, it will be nicely overtaking my industrial areas... :) and the variety is amazing! :) 2018-10-10
AsimPika3172 Oooohhhh..... Rusty time! 2018-10-09