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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2018-10-20
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Let me introduce you to the Heretic GLR Station and Terminus Pack volume 3 - The Big Fellas

With the third volume (out of 4), I bring SIX new GLR Terminuses and stations to your cities. These LOTs have different capacities, but all of them is functioning as a GLR Station and in addition and/or BUS station and/or SUBway station as well. 


* 10x4 Greenbelt Downtown GLR Terminal HUB with Subway, Bus station and Carpark function and with 975 jobs and 70000 passanger capacity.

* 10x4 Mitaki Downtown GLR Terminal HUB ith Subway, Bus station and Carpark function and with 1025 jobs and 80000 passanger capacity.

* 3x12 Glendale-on-Valleymede GLR Interchange with Subway station, 85 jobs and 70000 passanger capacity.

* 8x5 WestEnd City Center GLR Terminus HUB, Subway and Bus Stop with 1500 jobs and 60000 passanger capacity.

* 8x3 Tonkso Europa Downtown GLR Station and Subway Stop with 650 jobs and 35000 passanger capacity.

* 7x3 Mid-City Downtown GLR Terminus, Subway and Bus Stop with 780 jobs and 55000 passanger capacity.

* 8x3 WestEnd Cross Downtown GLR Station, Subway and Bus Stop with 650 jobs and 40000 passanger capacity.

For more details such as installation and infromation about the lots please READ the provided Readme (which contains all the necessary dependencies) and check the attached excel spreadsheet (which contains the dependencies one by one for each stations). 

To avoid conflicts and problems, it is really important, that you have to re-download the Heretic Essentials (if you have v1.0), which was updated to v1.1. Also it is important, that you have to remove/delete the Heretic Essential v1.0 folders (which are taking place in you Plugins\Heretic Projects\Dependency Essential) completely before you install the v1.1.

If you find any problem/issue or you have any further question about this or any of my projects, please, visit my development thread on Simcity4 Devotion.

Thanks everybody for the help and support! 

Nick (@Simmer2) - for awesome new props and models, some of them were made for request, and for making his two Mega Prop Packs which makes listing tons of dependencies easier. 
Robin (@rsc204/MGB204) - GLR Path files (RHD and LHD), texture overlays for Sandstone GLR version. 
Brian (@b22rian) - for testing very thoroughly all the stations and for the constant support 

and of course all the great creators ( @art128@ILL Tonkso@Nilo7@Glenni@mattb325@motokloss, @AndisArt​​​​​​​ and @cogeo) of the models what I used for this project and gave the inspiration to make these stations.

Have fun and enjoy!

- Tyberius06

UPDATE: 27.10.2018Updated Documentation (readme+excel spreadsheet). Nothing else was changed, the LOTs are in the same version as the first release.


Simmer2 This is getting better and better! 2018-10-23
b22rian This most recent Upload by Tibi, continues the excellence , that the first 2 volumes of GLR station packs have already clearly demonstrated..This is another must upload for any Sc-4 transit player 2018-10-20