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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-11-13
Last Update: 2019-03-15 File Type: Plop
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SM2 Locomotive Wash Station

Even the hard working locomotives need a bath once in a while.

Connects to your rail network.

This lot does not act as a freight yard. Please ensure its on a spur and not on a main line.

Bonus: This lot is also compatible with Maxis vanilla rails. You will find it under the rail menu.

Lot size 3X3

Plop cost 3500

Bulldoze cost 30

Monthly lease 15

Power req 15

Water req 40


March 15 2019

Updated file to be inline with new prop pack.


Rapha31 Thank you! 2019-01-18
fantozzi 2018-11-14
sejr99999 thank you another great detail for added realism for virtual model railroading 2018-11-14
Tyberius06 Really nice additoin to our rail networks! Thanks for sharing! 2018-11-14