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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-11-13
Last Update: 2019-03-15 File Type: Plop
Views: 5021 Category: Transport - Road
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-15 Downloads: 1585


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SM2 Underground Parking

A simple underground parking ramp.

Lot size 1X2

Cost to plop 5000

Cost to bulldoze 250

Power req 1

Water req 0

Capacity 5000


March 15 2019

Updated file to be inline with new prop pack.


1SweeTDreamS1 @Tyberius06 Yes I use NAM. It wasn't just Simmer2's things. It was all bridges, most roads were no longer connected and building missing that were made by many different creators that I've been using for years. I use Rivit's water and sand mod. Normally it's beautiful. Yesterday it looked awful. Colors weren't blending like they are suppose to. Then it kept crashing non stop. Today it was back to being fine. It does make sense about the plugins folder wasn't being fully read... I use Steam. I wonder if that was the problem??? 2021-01-10
Tyberius06 Which version of the game do you have? Steam, GoG, Origin, some other? The suddenly missing buildings/models suggests, that somehow the dependencies have been removed or not accessible for the game for some reason. Which is strange, and usually it is not supposed to be happening. It is also strange, that apparently (If I understand correctly) it happened only with Simmer2's creations. I've been using his stuffs since begining. Heck I made a bunch of custom lots based on his props and models and I never experienced any of these issues. @1SweeTDreamS1: now that sounds like, that the game temporary didn't see the plugins folder at all or a part of it. I assume you are using NAM, which means if you had missing roads etc... the game somehow didn't read those folders.... Very strange indeed... 2021-01-09
1SweeTDreamS1 @Tyberius06 Love it! Exactly what I was looking for :) @HeatherFeuer I had the same exact thing happen to me yesterday. I just dl'd this today so I don't think it's this lot or anything to do with it. Many of my roads were broken, empty lots, power stations weren't working correctly. I did notice the graphics appeared to have changed as well. Game crashed every 5 mins. Today it appears to be working much better. Wondering if it was some update with Windows 10 or something like that. 2021-01-09
HeatherFeuer @Tyberius06: Thanks for the reply. I am playing SC4 on Windows 10 using NAM v39. I have the SC4FIX.dll and all other required plugins installed. It's the oddest thing... I had SM2's water depot, reservoir, and large water treatment plants installed in the city and working properly. Then all of a sudden today the buildings disappeared leaving empty lots! And none of his lots were working. I opened a new city and all his lots worked! I went back to the previous city I was working on and destroyed a whole lot of stuff I had added in the last couple of days including the empty water lots. Exited the game then restarted it. Everything worked again. I am going to rebuild slowly and see if it happens again. Maybe I can figure out which plugin broke things. Ah well. Thanks again! 2021-01-07
Tyberius06 @HeatherFeuer: I think we need a little bit more information. Which system (OS) and which NAM do you use? Do you have the SC4FIX dll installed from STEX? I tested it just right now, also checked the modding on it, and it looked good in both cases, my test showed no issues with it. Missing dependency in this case would probably not cause CTD, since it only has two models/props and a texture dependency, and those usually harmless regarding CTDs. 2021-01-06
HeatherFeuer Installed this and have the dependencies, however, when I try to place it I get a CTD. Any idea why? 2021-01-06
fantozzi This is like a diamond - small and precious. 2018-11-14
sejr99999 thank you I think I will put this in my plugins core as my standard parking garage looks great 2018-11-14
Tyberius06 Finally it's here! :) Thanks, Man! Now I can start release a few things ;) 2018-11-14