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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-11-18
Last Update: 2019-03-15 File Type: Realistic
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SM2 Haut-Fond Prince Lighthouse

Completed in 1964

The Haut-Fond Prince Light Tower is a modern pillar light of waisted caisson design. The caisson, anchored below the water’s surface, supports a low, round accommodation unit surrounded by a narrow gallery. The flat roof of the accommodation unit serves as a helicopter pad with a cylindrical tower set to one side.

A simple gallery and flared lantern sit atop the tower. The light tower is painted in a red and white color scheme. The caisson, iron pipe railings, and accents below the windows and at the top of the accommodation unit are all painted red. The tower itself features alternating red and white horizontal stripes. The light tower is situated in the lower St.Lawrence River, marking a shoal at the mouth of the Saguenay River.

This lot can only be plopped on water.

No need to hook it to the power network because it generates its own power.

Lot size 1X1

Plop cost 6500

Power generated 25

You will find it under the utilities menu.


March 15 2019

Updated file to be inline with new prop pack.


fantozzi There are some nice lighthouses on the Lex. But this one is special. If I'm right It's the first you can plopp entirely on water and no land is needed. Just to find this uniquestructure in real word and bringing it to SC4 deserves a big thank you. But there is much more. F.e. the lovely and precise texture, how the red stripes change from bottom to the upper, the moss or algae on the socket. It's not that type of lighthouse you would put on a kitsch postcard with a glowing sunset. This is the real stuff brought into SC4 by Simmer2. Recently I saw a documentation about french lighthouse keepers, where indeed there are light houses on tiny rocky island before the coast on the atlantic ocean. They have to run through several psychological test if they can stand solitude. So these places exist for real - they a brought with a helicopter and keep the light for one month before thy are brought back into civilization. Not everybody can stand this - being all alone out there while wind hits the tower with 150 mph and the waves rach 20 meters and mores and they seem like a raw monster that goes for your life. No, not every man can stand this. This is an outpost of mankind, Simmer2 created, and he created it expressive. Great work of art. Imho. 2018-12-14
Simmer2 @Sapador Castelo no it does not. Its just a lighthouse. 2018-12-03
Sapador Castelo Does this lighthouse also provide dirt and manufacting industries cap relief? 2018-12-02
sejr99999 thank you I think this is the first lighthouse with a helipad for SC4 looks great 2018-11-18
Tyberius06 Really nice unique design, brilliant model! Thanks for sharing it! 2018-11-18