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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2018-12-21
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 3631 Category: Transport - Rail
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-16 Downloads: 613


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SM2 Main Subway Depot

After years of scouring the internet for an SC4 subway depot I came to the conclusion that none exists and so I re-created one.

This lot does not function as a subway station but it does provide jobs.

There are 3 DTR and 1 STR connection. 1 DTR and the single STR connect visually only but the east DTR line will allow passenger trains to cross it.

I recommend that you use MGB204 DTR and STR subway to train ramps and place them at the rail connection points in order to have a seamless subway to train visual connection.

I included some pictures to help with placement. Make sure the terrain in completely flat.

You will find it under the rail menu.

Lot size 18X15

Plop cost 65000

Bulldoze cost 15000

Power req 150

Water req 65

Monthly fee 80

Provides 225 IM jobs

As usual, custom made base textures included.

Optional - MGB - RRW to Subway Ramps

Happy holidays everyone!


Gwyain I had also been looking for a Subway Depot for ages, I'm glad that there is one now, and an amazing one at that. Your work is, as always, fantastic. 2020-08-31
tomvsotis amazing. a couple of years ago i found myself out near 11th Ave in NYC, looking at the subway yards there -- and of course, i found myself thinking that it's a shame that there wasn't an SC4 lot that replicated them. and now, there is! :) 2018-12-24
sejr99999 thank you for all the effort put into this excellent contribution to more realistic SC4 cities 2018-12-22
Tyberius06 Finally we got this! :) Amazing job, really nice depo, beautiful lotting! And again something what we hasn't had so far in SC4. Perfect Christmas Gift! Thank you! :) 2018-12-22