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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2018-12-25
Last Update: 2019-01-02 File Type: Plop
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Let me introduce you to the second release of a series of station LOTs, which is called Heretic Urban Rail and HSR Terminal and Station Project (in short: URHTS). 
In the second release you will meet with the Heretic CounterPoint Shinjuku Rail Station, which has subway, carpark and bus station function too. 
This readme contains all the necessary dependencies for this station.

Also let me tell a little background story.
I've met with the Shinjuku Complex lot at the very fist time in Samgoogolplexian/@Moonraker0 SimCity 4: Let's Play Pinecastle youtube videos and I started using it in my first city attempts from the late 2014. Than later in 2015 when I frist started to use the Lot Editor (with a huge lack of knowladge about anything), this complex (the West Wing more precisely) was one of the first relots what I've ever made to change the rail textures and some additional parts. This is one of my favourite station complex in the game and in the past couple of years it got many alterations. Now I feel it's time to give one of them to you. Some of you may know that CounterPoint is a bit of special part of my capitol city in SC4 (Noir City), partially standard European, partially very parisian and there are parts of it which recall more Far-Eastern architechtures. The last (now released) version of the Shinjuku Station Complex is the main central station of CounterPoint. For me, I like to mix the different styles, that's why the Japanese station complex got very western additional buildings on the East Wing (this is v1) and since it was made mostly for my CounterPoint City part I call it CounterPoint Shinjuku. Although some of you might not like this mixture, therefore I made a more japanese looking version (v2), and I call it just simple Shinjuku East Wing. The dimensions for both wings were changed compared to the original LOTs made by @tepodon​​​​​​​. The two wings has different stats, you can see these into the readme, and only the West Wing has subway cover.

If you find any problem/issue or you have any further question about this or any of my projects, please, visit my development thread on Simcity4 Devotion.

Installation: Copy the "Heretic Projects" folder from the zip (or unzip it) into your plugin folder. If something wanted to be overwritten, you can accept it, that's OK. Highly recomended to keep the provided folder structure, because all of my uploads have the same format, and since sometimes I'm working with included dependencies (such as textures or descriptor datas) it's better if these "included dependencies" are in the same place. If you unzipped the upload, you may delete or remove the "Documentation" folder from your Plugin Folder. 
To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this plugin in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins.


* 6x15 CounterPoint Shinjuku West Wing Rail Terminus with Subway, Bus station and Carpark function and with 1010 jobs and 115000 passanger capacity.

* 10x15 CounterPoint Shinjuku East Wing Rail Station (v1 - Heretic mixed style)with Bus station and Carpark function and with 885 jobs and 115000 passanger capacity.

* 10x15 Shinjuku East Wing Rail Station (v2 - Japanese style) with Bus station and Carpark function and with 730 jobs and 115000 passanger capacity.

EDIT: DEPENDENDENCY (due to how the dependency tracker works the zip name of this file is not compatible with it, so I list it here):

kei_jpn - Mizuho Bank Branch v1.01 (only for v2 - Japanese style) (you only need the Kei-Jpn-Bank-Mizuho-1.07F-0x5ad0e817_0x22ef2777_0x30000.SC4Model)

Edit 2/UPDATE: thanks for Wiimeiser who reported an error on the LOT - there was a missing TE tile on one of the rail tracks on the Shinjuku East Station v2 (the japanese style), now that has been fixed with v2. The other East Wing and the West Wing stayed untouched. Please redownload the files and overwrite the old ones with the new one's (at least this: PLOP_10x15_Heretic Shinjuku Station East v2_4959d7a0.SC4Lot), also if you've been using the japanese buildings version of this upload (Shinjuku Station East v2), you need to bulldoze and replop this east wing.

Thanks everybody for the help and support! 
Credit goes to Tepodon - main station buildings, JP Schriefer, Ill Tonkso, Kei_jpn and Art128 for the additional office buildings. 
Nick (Simmer2) - for awesome new props and models, some of them were made for request, and for making his two Mega Prop Packs which makes listing tons of dependencies easier. :) 
Brian (b22rian) - for the constant support :) 
and of course all the great creators of the models what I used for this project

Have fun and enjoy!

- Tyberius06


tomvsotis ooh, awesome. we always need more stations! 2018-12-27
Tyberius06 Thanks sejr99999! Indeed there was a little mess in the dependency tracker on my end. On file is listed separatelly because the zip name is not compatible with the dependency tracker due to the extra "$$". These characters working as separators in the dependency tracker which messed up the list a bit. 2018-12-26
sejr99999 thank you an epic accomplishment can you verify the links for the kei-jpn models? 2018-12-25