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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-01-06
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
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Last Downloaded: 2022-07-01 Downloads: 776


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SM2 Center Pivot Irrigation Fields

Center pivot irrigation fields are still widely used all over the world. This one is model based and it changes 4 times a year following the seasons therefore its considered a seasonal lot.

The lot is 1x1 and covers a 9x9 game grid. I suggest the usage of MMP around the field so as to make it blend better. I plopped it over an existing farm field and it looks good!.

When you plop it you may get an empty tile at first, it may take time for it to sync with the game clock. Be patient.

The lot is completely neutral and it also needs no adjacent road therefore it can be plopped anywhere on the map as long as you pick a flat spot.

You will find it in the Park menu.

NO Dependencies

Enjoy it



SimNation This is great for making some Eye candy crops to go along side the growable ones thanks. 2019-03-01
Simmer2 @fritzfarlig Due to the huge overhanging design of the model it would not look good to make it as a field with jobs. I had to remove the job requirements to avoid the no road access zot. 2019-01-07
fritzfarlig can you make a agri jobs version ? 2019-01-07
caspervg Lovely! 2019-01-07
Tyberius06 Thanks for making these nice agricultural stuffs! Now our UFOs can find their landing zones easily! Nice job! :) 2019-01-06