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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-02-02
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SM2 Hot Air Balloons

6 different hot air balloons to embellish you maps.

They have no base texture therefore the lots can be disguised as anything. Leave it plain or use mmp to dress the lots

to match whatever background you have.

Each one gives 250 R$-R$$-R$$$ relief and some park effect, also no power or water is required.

Cost to plop 100

Monthly fee 10

You will find them in the park menu.

Balloons heights differ from 40 meters to 250 meters.

They can be plopped on slopes and even on water so as to create ocean scenes.

NO dependencies.



girafe Looks nice :) 2019-02-14
Tyberius06 Really amazing stuffs! :) Thanks for sharing it! 2019-02-04
sejr99999 thank you for these beautiful balloons 2019-02-03
mattb325 Thanks! These are excellent!! 2019-02-02