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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-02-21
Last Update: 2022-02-25 File Type: Plop
Views: 3586 Category: Utilities - Water
Last Downloaded: 2022-07-02 Downloads: 1130


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SM2 Large Water Pump House

This lot replaces the large Maxis water pump. The old one produced 200,000 m3, this one produces 350,000 m3 at a much lower cost per m3.

Lot size 1X2

Plop Cost 30000

Bulldoze cost 4000

Power req 25

Water req 0

Water produced 350,000 m3

You will find it under the water menu.


Feb 25 2022 Added dependency


Disasterjunkie Better looking too! 2020-02-13
sejr99999 thank you this is visually more interesting and the modding makes it more economical as well 2019-02-22
cydonianmystery Yes! Finally! The Maxis large water pump was so expensive to run that there was almost no reason to ever use it. This, however, will prove very handy indeed. 2019-02-22
Tyberius06 Thanks for sharing this gem! Really nice addition as a replacement for the default one! I'll definitelly be using your version in the future! 2019-02-22