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These are CAMified versions of some of Kellydale2003 bats. This means they were tweaked to grow on development stages exclusive to the Colossus Addon Mod (above 8).


This means if you don't use the CAM these files won't do anything for you except of slowing down your game. Or as Master Yoda tried to teach "not riding veloceraptor before breakfast."

In case you use the CAM you should delete the original desc-files and lot-files of the growables and only keep the original model and landmark files provided by Kellydale2003.

But Before you do this first you have to check and bulldoze all instances of the growable lots in every city and save your game.


360 Main Residences

→ R$$$ 2175, stage 10

Four Seasons Residence
→ R$$$ 4280, stage 12                   

Bank of Moscow Center
→ CO$$$ 2190, stage 9

Apart from the Colossus Addon Mod and the model files of the buildings mentioned above you will also need Fantozzi's audio essentials 1.3 to hear the querry sounds.


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