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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-03-17
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SM2 Rail Corp

A mid rise office building, home to SM2 Rail Corp Headquarters.

It comes in 2 versions: 2X2 Grow and 2x4 plop.

Both provide 467 CO$$ jobs.

Plop version.

Lot size 2X4

Plop cost 25000

Bulldoze cost 682

Power req 10

Water req 103

You will find the plop version under the landmark menu.

Grow version

Lot size 2X2

467 CO$$

Rest, same as above



sejr99999 thank you beautiful lighting on the signage and rooftop great windows too 2019-03-17
Tyberius06 Congrats to your first midrise office building! Thank you very much for sharing it! 2019-03-17