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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-03-17
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SM2 Cold Fusion Reactors

You get not 1 but 2 different Cold Fusion Reactors. One domed and one not.

More efficient and cleaner than fission reactors.

These lots DO NOT give off radiation once their life expectancy expires.

Lots size 4x4

Plop cost 120000

Bulldoze cost 30000

Power req 9

Water req 120

Power produced 75000

Life expectancy 100 years

You will find them under the power menu.



sejr99999 thank you excellent way to keep the game up to date even into the future 2019-03-18
Tyberius06 Another long awaited item! Thanks for sharing it! It's a really special building! 2019-03-17