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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-03-21
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SM2 Kinetic Wave Energy

This is based on a real machine. Its actually being installed in many places around the world to complement wind powered turbines.

It works by harnessing the awesome power of sea waves, a never ending source of kinetic energy. All green renewable energy.

It plops entirely on water. This pack includes a special made buoy which will be needed to bring the power to shore. Turn on your power view and plop the buoy every 5 tiles. You will see the power being transferred by watching the green tiles light up.

Use my power pack lots to simulate a transformer station on shore. Follow the instructions on that pack for bets visual results.

Cost to plop 40000

Power produced 6000

Power buoy plop cost 10

Life expectancy 100 years at full production.

Find it under the power menu

Optional if you want to couple it with my land substation transformers.

SM2 Power Pack


Disasterjunkie Yeah. This is sweet. 2020-02-13
Ralfger That´s a really nice addition and fits perfectly well for my small fishing town! 2019-08-28
sejr99999 thank you for a new green power source to keep SC4 current with present trends in technology also adds interesting visuals 2019-03-22
Tyberius06 Really nice power plant. I'm sure, I'm gonna use it in my cities, along with your solar, and windmill plants. Nice and clean energy to everywhere! Thanks for making and sharing it! 2019-03-21