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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2019-03-21
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A real-life map, based on the Cheboygan area in northern Michigan, near the Strait of Mackinac.  The map has a few smallish rivers, a few lakes, including one very large one, a nice harbor site and a couple hilly areas.  Most of the map is pretty flat.  Region size is 24 km x 38 km (6 x 9.5 large cities).  SC4Mapper 2013 is required to bring this map into the game.

A topographic map of the region is included, for printing out, or for whatever use people might have for it. Pictures of the topographic map can be viewed in my map thread at SC4Devotion, here.


mattb325 Another fine map, thankyou for sharing! 2019-03-22