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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-03-23
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SM2 Saturn V

My city's mayor had heard that NASA was selling a stripped down version of the Saturn V rocket after sitting on display for over 40 years and so he bought it to make our city more attractive.

Spent 25 million simoleons from the city coffer and had it dismantled and shipped to the current location. It took over 200 sims and 8 months to execute but it cost him another 20 millions to put it together. I think he paid way too much for it...


Lot size 4X5

Plop cost 100,000

Bulldoze cost 15000

Provides CS-$$ 12 jobs

Power req 32

Water req 4

You will find it under the Landmark menu.


This is a NON FUNCTIONAL rocket. Therefore IT CAN be placed within city limits if you wish.
It is just a tourist attraction, a display case but made into a functional landmark. It provides 12 C$$ jobs. Ticket sellers, cleaners, guides etc etc. No astronauts will be vaulted into space with this stripped down model.


Disasterjunkie Cool! Being from Houston, I've always wanted to build a NASA lot with all sorts of rocket stuff. 2020-02-13
Hard_Justice I like the idea of it being a non-functional rocket. Would make a great museum piece. 2019-03-24
Tyberius06 Amazing model, quite unique, thanks for sharing it! 2019-03-24