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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-03-25
Last Update: Never File Type: NAM Plugin Files
Views: 2830 Category: Mods - Transport
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SM2 RRW HD Rail Bumpers and Props

This mod replaces both the US and EU railways stub bumpers with a custom HD universal one. It will also add small railcars and clutter to the end of the rail stubs just like in real life.

Both Orthogonal and Diagonal DTR and STR will get the bumpers but only Orthogonal DTR and STR will get the mini railcars and clutter for now. If you already have end stubs drawn in your maps, you only need to touch it with the rail tool to make it change to the new set.

This mod is made with a huge prop family library therefore the possible permutations on end rail stubs are in the 10's of thousands. 17 different railcars and 20+ clutter props. I could click on the end rail stubs 1000's of times and never get the same combo again. 

If you have my previous mod installed make sure the file SM2_RealRailways_T21_Uni.dat gets replaced with the new one. Or drop the folder Z____SM2_RRW_HD_Rail_Mods in the root plugin and let it replace the old one.

To remove this mod just delete the folder.

You can only have one installed at any time.

Questions? Please post them here



sejr99999 thank you very beautifully detailed and I like that they will be different with each plop 2019-03-25
Tyberius06 I've been waiting for this MOD for a while! Amazing a really unique stuffs for our favourite railways! So many details, so nice lively endings! Thanks for making and sharing it! 2019-03-25