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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-04-12
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SM2 Chevron Gas Station Barge

Gas stations are not limited to land only. There are Floating fuel barges around the Great Lakes and large rivers around the world.

This one is the Chevron version. Plop it on sea water, rivers or lakes. Close to a marina or anywhere where one would look nice in your maps.

Lot size 1X1 (actual model length is 2 tiles by 1)

Plop cost 1000

Power generated 100 (no need to bring power to it in order to see the beautiful night lights)

Maintenance cost 10

You will find it in your Seaport menu.

**Bonus, it also acts as a power plant therefore it could provide power to other water based lots that require electricity by plopping it near by.



Have fun and post pics



Disasterjunkie This reminds me of fishing in the Houston Bayous and the stopping over mid day for a local beer while ya fuel up the boat, get some more catch and look at some bobbies. 2020-02-13
Tyberius06 Really nice work, unique set-up, thanks for sharing it! 2019-04-13