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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-05-14
Last Update: 2019-12-01 File Type: Plop
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SM2 Geothermal Power Plant

Geothermal is another mostly untapped source of renewable energy.

There are places on Earth where the crust is thin enough to be able to drill into in order to tap its heat which is used to vaporizes water in to steam which is then made to turn turbines with attached dynamos that create clean electric power.

You will find it under the power menu.

Lot size 4x4

Plop cost 37500

Bulldoze cost 2500

Power consumed 10

Water consumed 90

Power generated 25000

Life expectancy 100 years.

Monthly maintenance 250



PDETESTABLE Thank YOU :) 2020-05-31
furbrain Glad to see stuff still coming out for this game, great job! 2019-11-12
Tyberius06 @Alan95: it is Rivit's TSR street mod, what you can find I think on STEX or somewhere in Rivit's development thread over at simtropolis there is a dropbox/google drive link which contains his mods and stuffs. 2019-07-02
Alan95 Beautiful as work as always. BTW, what is that street texture that you're using? 2019-06-18
Tyberius06 Fantastic job on this! Really awesome stuff! Thanks for making and sharing it! 2019-05-16