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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-07-27
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SM2 The LCBO Store

Here in Ontario Canada, liquors are strictly sold in government regulated stores.

L.C.B.O. Stands for Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Here is an example of one not too far from my place.

You will get 3 lots, 1 ploppable and 2 growable.

Plop Stats.

Lot Size 2X3

Plop Cost 1250

Bulldoze cost 138

Power req 2

Water req 23

Lot type, Medium Wealth C$82, C$$23

You will find it under the Landmark Menu.

Grow Stats

Lot sizes 2X3 and 4X3

Bulldoze cost 138 each

Power req 2

Water req 23

Lot Types (all tile sets) Commercial Medium Wealth C$82, C$$85



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