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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-09-11
Last Update: 2019-12-01 File Type: Plop
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SM2 Train Depot East

A fictional train depot on a large lot for those rail heads out there.

This lot is not a freight yard but it will connect with your RRW DTR network and the dirt road SAM for that seamless look. Make sure you flatten the terrain before placing.

It also provides 150 jobs.

Lot size 16X5

Plop cost 25000

Bulldoze cost 1500

Power req 10

Water req 5

Provides 150 jobs

NOTE! You only need the GP38 and GP40 folder from the North American Freight Cars Prop Pack.



Simmer2 @Disasterjunkie It should. 2020-02-18
Disasterjunkie Very nice. Will this work with Torocas quadrupler industry? 2020-02-13
sejr99999 thank for creating all these beautiful models and lots to enable us to enjoy virtual model railroading so much that will fit in a very tiny space 2019-09-12