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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-09-18
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SM2 Rona

Rona is a giant home improvement retailer with 100's of stores in north America.

It was bought by Lowe's in 2016 and is now part of an even bigger chain of building supply stores.

This one depicts one in a town near by.

Medium wealth C$$

Lot size 10X4

Plop cost 15000

Bulldoze cost 500

Power req 25

Water req 10

Provides 400 C$ - 250 C$$ jobs

You will find it in the Landmark menu.



Disasterjunkie FYY. Lowes its on its way to be bought out by TheHomeDepot; although Target is a growing company and trying to compete with both Lowes and THD. There is also Ikea North America but it is not have as many retail locations as Costco, Walmart or Sams. Oviously, retail is on the low and the future is on online sales supported by logistical warehouse such as those belonging to Amazon. Just giving you a few ideas since you make great looking stuff. 2020-02-13
fantozzi Realistc and convincing. 2019-12-16
caspervg Beautiful! 2019-10-06