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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2019-10-11
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
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SM2 CO2 Scrubber

Too much pollution? No worries, plop 1 or 2 of these lots and watch the pollution disappear right before you eyes.

This machine actually exists, it sucks CO2 directly from the air and it works! Imagine if we could install a few thousands around the world.
This technology may just be what we need in order to clean the house.

Lot size 4X1

Plop cost 8500

Bulldoze cost 150

Power req 50

water req 64

Scrubs the air clean up to 100 tiles in every direction.

Provides 10 IM jobs

You will find it under the garbage menu.

Oh and it requires no dependencies!

Have fun.



Disasterjunkie That is super cool. Too many damn pollution absorbing trees floating around. Finally a way to control air pollution without skyrocketing the property value of an area. Thank you for all your hard work. 2020-02-13
Oceka Joli, merci. 2020-01-06
caspervg Very CO₂ol! 2019-10-12