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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2019-10-19
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Let me introduce you to the Heretic-Neko's Fountain Park Expansion (Extenders) which was based on Neko's Japanes Parks, more precisely the Pound/Fountain Parks..

This set was made for a request of @pgxpgx, but I decided to give it a public go. 
These are ploppable "park" pieces, but they can be found under the civics - health menu. Neko didn't mod his set and kept every stats as the PIM-X generated them, so I did the same. I only modified the item order, so the expansion piece now can be found with the original pieces.
These are 1x1 tiles lots with overhanging props, they are working as extenders, so can be used under bridges or any other transparent based lots.
In order to make it confortable, I used the modified s3d files technique on some of the original models. Luckily Neko made most of the models off-set, but to give more freedom to the players, I chose to modify a re-IID'd copy of the straight pound wall pieces and moved them by 16 meters to the other direction using the Model Tweaker. These modified components can be found in the Included Dependencies  subfolder. In all cases, I modified the INSTANCE IDs of the new s3d files of increasing the fifth digit by 6 - so f.e. a 0x00030100 instance value was changed to 0x00036100. If anybody made similiar custom modifications on these files that may cause conflicts.

Installation: Copy the "Heretic Projects" folder from the zip (or unzip it) into your plugin folder. If something wanted to be overwritten, you can accept it, that's OK.
Highly recomended to keep the provided folder structure, because all of my uploads have the same format, and since sometime I'm working with included dependencies (such as textures or descriptor datas) it's better if these "inclouded dependencies" are in the same place. If you unzipped the upload, you may delete or remove the "Documentation" folder from your Plugin Folder.
To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins.


* Heretic-Neko_Park_B 1x1 (Bridge 1x2 overhang extender)
* Heretic-Neko_Park_B 1x1 (Straight 2x1 overhang extender Left).
* Heretic-Neko_Park_B 1x1 (Straight 2x1 overhang extender Right)
* Heretic-Neko_Park_B 1x1 (Water 1x2 overhang extender)
* Heretic-Neko_Park_B 1x1 (Water 2x2 overhang extender)

* INCLUDED DEPENDENCY: heretic-Neko_Fountain_Park_Straight_mod_s3d.dat - credit for the original models goes to Neko. As I described above, this DAT file contains modified model contents (s3d files), which were originally made by Neko. The original model files stayed intact, in fact they are used on the very same lot alongside with the modified ones.


NekoPropSet02 Direkt Link for the prop set
NekoPropSet03 Direkt Link for the prop set

The original model and prop files were created by Neko.

Have fun and enjoy!

- Tyberius06


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