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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2020-01-01
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SM2 Oil Pipeline A Vol1

An oil pipeline set ready to serve all your industrial needs.

Ortho quads and duals are featured in this collection. 90 bends, T's and cross for both quads and duals are also included. Also many single and dual tile bridges.

There is also a quad pipe bridge able to span a maximum of 5 game tiles.
The bridge can be used to span river crossings, ravines, highways, rails and even small lakes.

This set was designed to be used on a flat surface. Also included is a texture set for the pipe path.

Experiment a bit with the set to get a feel of it and then create your dream oil pipeline!

Each piece costs 20 simoleons to plop

No water or power required

No monthly maintenance

I decided to put the set under the Landmark menu so that you can benefit of a bit of positive landmark and mayor rating effect.

This set is compatible with SM2 Fuel Terminal found here (there is a pipe hookup on the corner of the lot)

It is also fully compatible with SM2 DIY Oil Storage found here



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