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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2020-01-01
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 877 Category: Parks - Eye Candy
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SM2 Crop Circles Vol1

A set of 7 crop circles lots for those unusual maps! One of them even sports a custom made UFO.

6 are 10x10 and 1 is 12x4

Drop them among your existing fields for maximum effect. Make sure you flatten the terrain before plopping them.

You will find them under your Park menu.

These lots are completely neutral.


Plop cost 1500 each

No power or water req.

Bulldoze cost 0

Maintenance 0

Custom textures included!


bldgprop vol1 at



dangerfield478 Thanks and plaudits for creating this. Dependency free, no less. I'm not a big weed fan, but why can't fantozzi's Melmacians take seeds back to Melmac? Is their home planet all that inhospitable to plant life? Or maybe they are too intoxicated to remember the seeds? 2021-02-22
Simmer2 @fantozzi - Your unbridled fantasy is an inspiration. 2020-01-13
fantozzi Sadly many people won't recognize how accurate and realistic those were created by SM2. But you must know on planet Melmac there is no weed. And the very true reason why Melmacians (commonly know as aliens) visit earth from time to time is: to smoke some weed. First time, when they discovered weed and they were stoned, they raised some silly pyramids in the north of africa (that's why people call it "stoned" until today when people are druggy). Later when they realised manking is making a big issue of those stones, they thought of leaving more pleasant signs of their happiness and gratitude to mankind. So they started to make – again fully stoned – signs into the ground wherever they found some cannabis plants. That's why they painted verry funny animals into the atacama dessert sand, which by this time was still fruitfull. And to fool other Melmacians who visit earth in search of a good smoke for the fun of it they make fake signs everywhere even where no cannabis plants are. Thats why flying saucers often seem to have no clear direction but going left-right-left-right. They search for the weed that isn't there because their alien friends fooled them. 2020-01-08