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Creator: mrbisonm Upload Date: 2020-01-03
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These are PROPS only!

After several years, I finally have to upload my MFP1 (Modern Farm Props 1) files before it's too late. These files are Props and nothing else than props and will be used by LOTmakers and me later to create modern Farmlots for the players to use. Be advised that there will be a lot of Props to come. They come in batches (from sets 1 to 8), the last ones will be available before march 2020. You will get everything that can be seen on a modern farm from Europe to South-America to North-America. Some others might be available next winter, add-ons and new sets.

This is set nr 2B, Liquid manure installations, including tanks, bassins, Pumps, liquid manuresheds, where and however liquid manure can be stored, etc. (30 props in all) Set 3 will follow in a few days/weeks. You can use them unlimited to create lots, no matter what use, some of them also look good in an industrial area or can be used with watercleaning facilities etc. But you need to refere these files with one of the original links for dependencies, if you use them. There will be  enough props soon uploaded to create a new game, Simcity 4 Farming. There is a picture file included in the upload that will show the majority of these prop models included. There might be a follow-up one day in the form of an Add-on. We will see how things are going.

These Nexis MFP 1 to 8 Files CANNOT be uploaded elsewhere without my personal permission, unless I am not around anymore. If you find errors on these files (shouldn't be as they have been tested twice by me and FrankU) do not hesitate to contact me in private. Some of these models have tight LOD's, meaning that you can plop other props very closely to each other. I hope you will enjoy these because I have been working on them for many years.

I would like to thank all the members of this site that have helped, criticized, suggested and given me ideas on these sets and also encouraged me to continue and be patient all these years. There is too many to mention all, but especially FrankU, who inspired me to do this, stood by my side all the time and tested most of these props.
Any comments or questions or other can be mentioned on our Nexis/FrankU thread, also every news and advancing of the MFP1 sets will be notified here:

Have Fun with Nexis



sejr99999 thank you for this very realistic set of essential farm props 2020-01-03