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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2020-01-03
Last Update: 2021-04-09 File Type: Growable
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SM2 Wilkinson Cotton Mill

An old cotton mill for your maps.

2 lots are provided, 1 plop and one grow.

It was common sight back in the 19th century to see these mills everywhere. Now they are but a memory.

This one is no longer in operation but it is being converted in to a warehouse. That is why you see some cars and trucks on the property :)

On the plop lot connect the rail exit/entry to your rail network by forming a spur.

Grow stats

Stage 3 IM

Lot size 4x4

Power req 10

Water req 5

Provides 60 I-M jobs

Plop stats

Lot size 5x4

Plop cost 4200

Bulldoze cost 150

Power req 10

Water req 5

Provides 60 I-M jobs

You will find the plop lot under the Landmark Menu.

Base texture included as usual.


Fixed stage growth.


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