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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2020-01-06
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
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SM2 Medium Water Treatment Plant

Plop 1 or 2 of these plants and watch the water pollution recede.

Flatten terrain before placing and connect it to the water network.

Requires power to function.

Lot size 3X2

Plop cost 1500

Bulldoze cost 150

Power req 9

Water req 20

Monthly maintenance cost 50

Cleans up to 80,000m3 of water over 50 tiles radius.

You will find it under the water menu.



Disasterjunkie I didn't know that the SC4D LEX site offered lots; I always thoughts it was more the mods. I really like this one, specially the size. I will try it out. Thank you for all your hard work. 2020-02-13
mrbisonm Great textures, nice model. 2020-01-08