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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2020-01-09
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 2648 Category: Industrial
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-08 Downloads: 813


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SM2 CO2 Scrubber Mini

This is a smaller version than the full size SM2 CO2 Scrubber I released earlier. Small enough to fit in those tight 1x1 spaces and it comes in 2 versions Ortho and Diagonal.

Plop it in an heavily air polluted zone and watch pollution disappear.

Its a bit less powerful than its bigger brother but just as efficient. Plop as many as needed.

Stats for both Ortho and Diag.

Lot size 1x1

Plop cost 2500

Bulldoze cost 200

Power req 20

Water req 15

Cleans pollution for up to 50 tiles radius.

Provides 5 IM jobs

You will find it under the Waste menu

Best of all, no dependencies!



tommmie I like this!! 2021-02-19
NoModMaster Sweet! Great for my Industrial landscape 2020-07-31