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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2020-01-13
Last Update: 2022-02-25 File Type: Plop
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SM2 Biogas Power Plant

Another way to clean clean energy is to turn organic material into biogas. Biogas is burned to create energy through evaporation of water which is used to spin powerful generators.

This type of plants are popping everywhere around the globe but more so in Europe.

Now you can enjoy them in SC4

Look under the power menu.

Lot size 10x8

Plop cost 38000

Bulldoze cost 2500

Monthly garbage incinerated 50000 tons

Power generated at full capacity 12500

Power used 25

Water used 45

Provides 180 jobs

Monthly maintenance 300

Life expectancy 250 years

Custom textures included.



Bottle123 Great job, Thanks, but question: It needs carpark dependencies, Can use the remastered version of it instead? 2022-07-01
Utsutsu418 Cool file my dude 2020-06-17
Simmer2 @MOREOPTIONS If 6 dependencies (5 of which are made by me and are a must for all my work) stops you from downloading great content then SC4 is definitively not a game for you. Play Fortnite instead. 2020-02-18
MOREOPTIONS Having to fight to get the dependencies downloaded, It's Not worth my time or having wasted my internet quota so many times with failed dependencies bundle download! Build your stuff with more internal contend that will not need a bundle of dependencies a person cant get so easily! Looks nice here but cant try it without all that 201 mb's of dependence! 2020-02-11
SimNation Nicely done was in need of such a power plant for farming tiles producing power to the region. 2020-01-25