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Creator: mattb325 Upload Date: 2020-01-13
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James Park House, by Mattb325.

This is a slope friendly clinic with a custom foundation.

A request from a fellow sim city player, James Park House is located on Cumberland Avenue in Knoxville Tennesee.

Listed on the US National Register of Historic Places since 1972, the house was built by merchant and Knoxville Mayor James Park in 1812, making it the second-oldest building in downtown Knoxville. 

Like many old homes, James Park House has had a chequered history. Up until about 1910 it served as a private residence: after that it was sold and converted to office space. It was used by the Red Cross during WWI and served as a medical clinic until the turn of the 21st Century. During the 1960's a rear wing was added to serve as a medical auditorium and doctors rooms. (I choose not to include the modern addition as part of my BAT)

In 2002, it was purchased by Gulf & Ohio Railroads and restored to its 19th century condition.

Given that house spent almost 100 years as a medical facility, I have given it the function of a hospital ingame. 

As it sits on a 2x2 lot, I have found this is really useful for suburban areas; but the building works equally well in a dense environment. As an added bonus, this building has a custom foundation so is just as much at home on hilly terrain as it is on level ground. The stats of this hospital are basically aligned to the ingame version.


Patient Capacity:3,000

Monthly Cost:$1,200

Hospital Boost:11.52

Coverage Radius:800

Plop Cost:$1,100

Bulldoze Cost:$100

Demand Created:Jobs$: 35, Jobs$$: 53, Jobs$$$: 11


Pollution Radius:3/4/0

Power Consumed:53 Mwh

Water Consumed:85 Gallons

DEPENDENCIES: (note you must be registered and logged into the SC4Devotion LEX to download these):most of you will have Cycledoggs dependencies anyway.

BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01(

BSC MEGA Props CP Vol02 (

BSC Texture Pack CP Vol1b (

To install, simply unzip the file into your plugins folder.

Thankyou and enjoy.


CT14 Thanks for the 19th century civic! 2020-05-19
CoastRunner Hey! Was just wondering as I see a lot of different stuff on ST compared to here: will all of that be uploaded here too eventually? 2020-01-16
girafe :) 2020-01-16
sejr99999 thank you you have put a lot of thought and effort into this recreation of a building with an interesting history the foundation is an added dimension for versatility in placing on hillly terrain with an added visual appeal 2020-01-15
evarburg Small but comely hospital/clinic. Very useful in smaller towns. Thanks ! 2020-01-15
danealaska Love it..nice work! 2020-01-14
fritzfarlig oh so great for small towns 2020-01-13