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Creator: xxdita Upload Date: 2020-03-21
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 5236 Category: Commercial
Last Downloaded: 2021-11-30 Downloads: 501


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Our second BSC LEX Superior Collection features Commercial Offices and Services lots from stages 1 through 6(ish), created by numerous BSC members. This will provide a great deal of variety for the Commercial Districts in your cities. While this pack focuses on growable lots, some items will include plopable versions. 

The contents of this Collection can be downloaded all at once by the LEX Dependency Tracker. The file attached is only a text file containing this same information, and while it is not necessary to download it, doing so will help you keep track of any additions made to this Collection in the future. 

Please be advised that this Collection does contain a number of installers. Also, just as with Volume 01, the dependencies ARE the content. Some models will have the choice of DarkNight or Maxis Night versions, so choose the one suited for you. 


andrewharlan a reminder for those who will dl the entire pack: pay attention to mattb buildings and dependencies because they have both dark night and maxis night, you will have to choose ONE of them every time you unzip the files into plugins folder 2020-04-17
andrewharlan I love this community, you're a nice person 2020-04-15
Tarkus Catt2: Sam Essentials (named after Sam, the BAT creator, not to be confused with anything to do with the SAM, the Street Addon Mod) is merged fully into BSC Essentials (hence it being locked), which is already on the list. You don't need that file (and its inclusion on the list is probably a relic of a file in the collection from prior to the merger listing Sam Essentials in its own dependencies). 2020-04-09
Catt2 Nice collection. However, I noticed this pack contains 'SAM essentials' which has been locked by administrator. :( 2020-04-06
sejr99999 thank you for this huge effort to simplify the gathering of needed dependencies 2020-03-22